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College Care Packs

Can it have happened this fast?  It seems like yesterday that they were brought to the font of baptism to have the water poured on them, while the pastor spoke those life-changing words, “I baptize you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”  For all these years of their childhood, your home has served as an incubator of sorts, protecting, nurturing, and building the seed of faith that was planted in their hearts on that momentous day.  And now…off to college!

These are such critical years for our college students.  Statistics tell us that it is at this time of life when many choose to distance themselves from their long-held beliefs and convictions of faith.  It’s a time for them to spread their wings and establish independence.  This is good!  But it is also a time when they will likely be confronted with philosophies and worldviews that deny, condemn, and criticize the Christian faith, even to the point of institutional and academic persecution.  Beyond that, even if they attend college locally, they are still, in a sense, far from home and apart from the unconditional love the home provides in nurturing their faith.

It is for these reasons that our college students desperately need to know and feel the support, love, and encouragement from their home congregation.  One way this is demonstrated is with the sending of two college care package mailings (one in the fall and one in the spring) to our college students.  The significance is not seen necessarily in the content of these packages—which consist basically of a supply of cookies, some small snack items, a copy of Portals of Prayer, and a newsletter updating them on events at Trinity.  But the real significance of the Care Package is found in the fact that in receiving it, they know they are being thought about and  cared for, and that their brothers and sisters in Christ are praying for them.  This knowledge can go a long way in encouraging them to remain faithful to their beliefs and strong in their convictions about the faith in which they were raised.

Here on Trinity’s website, you will find a link to an online registration form making it possible for us to send a care package to your son or daughter. Or, you can fill out a card found on the table where the Sunday morning worship folders are located near the front entrance of the sanctuary.

Sending your son or daughter (or both) out of the home and off to college can be an emotional thing.  Please know that the people of Trinity continue to partner with you as you remain faithful to the task of parenting your children—even at this stage in their life.

Each school year, we remember our college students by regularly sending them care packages to remind them of their connection to our community of faith Here at Trinity.
The college years are a critical station of life for our young people. Statistically, these are the years when many begin questioning their faith and begin to distance themselves from the church. But we can change those statistics by maintaining a connection with them and reminding them of Jesus’ constant loving care and concern for them. And as the body of Christ, that is exactly our job.
This year, we have approximately 25 college students who have registered to receive a care package.
These packages contain all sorts of goodies contributed by our loving members. We will be preparing our first mailing during the last week of September, so we are welcoming you to consider donating any of the items suggested below.
  • Smarties Candies—to boost their test taking brain power;
  • Chewing Gum to remind them to stick with it and ‘chews’ the right answer;
  • Lollipops to help them lick those tough problems;
  • Hershey’s Hugs and Kisses to remind them that we are thinking of them!
  • Coffee pods– for those late nights of studying;
  • Taffy – so the answers stick in their head;
  • Chips and/or Microwave Popcorn – to munch on during those all-night study sessions;
  • Granola Bars—because Grain prevents Brain Drain!
  • Tic Tacs—So the only thing sweeter than their test answers will be their breath!
  • Chocolates, hard candies, and flavoring for bottled water are also appreciated.
  • Home-made cookies or bars are especially appreciated because there’s nothing like home cookin’!
  • Hand-written notes with a Scripture passage and a sentence or two of encouragement are great additions.
Drop your donations off at the main office any time during the week, or on Sunday mornings.
We expect to do this at least three throughout year.
Cash donations are also appreciated, either for the purchase of the package contents, or to offset the mailing costs.
If you have any questions, please contact Rick Adams (414-801-6690 or
Register your college student to receive these periodic packages. Their contact information will allow Trinity to send them frequent emails like this one to keep them informed of what is happening here at Trinity, as well as to encourage and support them.