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Other Women at Trinity

Women in the Word

Friday Mornings
Beginning October 6th
8:00 – 9:00
Home of Amanda Kropp N124W12611 Lovers Lane Germantown

In the Footsteps of the Savior-The Land Jesus Knew

Women of all ages are invited to join us through this inspirational journey through the hills, the dust, and the homes of the Holy Land. This video-based study along with the study guide will help us see with new eyes, the heart God has for His people and the deep love He has for you. Max will lead us through distinct aspects of Jesus’ life: his arrival, his ministry on earth, and his death and resurrection.

Small Group

Wednesday Mornings, 8:00 A.M.
Hosted by Katie Lehenbauer
Led by Assorted Members of the Group

This Bible study for women operates around the simple idea of choosing various Bible passages and discussing them as a group.  Each week, participants are invited to bring a passage from the Scriptures and share it with the group.  Ask questions, share insights, and, using the REJOICE, REPENT, REQUEST model for prayer, pray the verse back to God.

There is no real leader for this group, as the group itself drives the conversations.  But Katie Lehenbauer serves as the hostess and opens her home to all those who wish to participate.

Even if you don’t have a verse to share, you can join in on the conversation and prayer time with the others.

Begins Monday, September 13th.  Questions?  Contact Katie at

Women’s Bible Study

Led by Marjorie Kreienbrink in her home
8403 W. Sunnyvale Road – Mequon
New Study Starting September 13th
Marjorie’s Bible study for women begins again this fall with an LWML study called Leaning on Jesus. In a culture that promotes independence and self-empowerment, we are taught to stand on our own two feet, to “pull ourselves up by our bootstraps.” What happens, then, when we trip and fall? What happens when we realize we’re weak, or weary, or lacking wisdom, direction, or strength? Let’s learn to live out (and promote) a different posture: leaning. Leaning on Jesus. Leaning of Jesus is an eight-session Bible study that aims to teach us that what we need we receive from the Lord: forgiveness and strength for today, direction for today and tomorrow, and hope for eternity. We lean into Him and follow His lead as He calls us into our vocations and other people’s lives.