Toddler 2 Room

Mature 2 Years and Older

The Toddler 2 Classroom is an intermediate class for the mature toddler to begin being introduced to entry-level structured Pre-k activities, while still focusing largely on their natural curiosity and play-based learning. Toilet learning and social-emotional skills are practiced rigorously in this class to help prepare the children for their upcoming pre-school years. In this room, teachers navigate and facilitate the children to engage in activities and interact with their peers, as well as support their developmental progress. Teachers implement activities on a daily basis that support the following developmental domains:

  • Physical (Gross & fine Motor)
  • Social-Emotional (Interaction, Cooperation, Self-Confidence, Sense of Community)
  • Sensory (Sight, Touch, Smell, Hearing)
  • Cognitive (Problem-Solving, Abstract Thinking, Learning)
  • Communication (Expressive, Receptive, Pragmatic Language)

Our Toilet Learning Policy

At Trinity Lutheran Early Childhood Center, we strive to teach a foundation of basic life skills to equip our children to be confident and independent. Part of that is toilet learning.

At Trinity ECC, a child that is CONFIDENTLY toilet-learned exhibits the following:

  • No consistent accidents (accident-free for one month)
  • No pull-up required for nap
  • Can verbalize the need to use the bathroom
  • Is able to delay using the bathroom if needed
  • Is able to wipe themselves

Read the full policy here. A meeting with the director, teachers, and parents is required so that all caregivers are on the same page.