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Theatre at Trinty encourages our students to imagine, create, act, discover their potential as artists and honor the talents and gifts God has given them. Participation in theatre requires discipline, pride and respect for others and provides students with many opportunities for growth as performers, technicians and lifelong learners.

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Become a Trinity Theater Company Sponsor

Trinity Theater Company cordially invites you to join us as a sponsor. Each school year, we present two captivating performances that our community holds dear. Your support will enable us to continue offering invaluable educational experiences for our students and delivering quality entertainment to our community.

Sponsorships play a pivotal role in generating essential revenue for our department, covering production expenses, materials, publicity, and student needs. We offer various partnership opportunities for you to express your commitment:

  1. Advertise With Us: Promote your business or organization by purchasing advertising space.
  2. Send a Personal Message: Convey your well-wishes and encouragement to a cast or crew member.
  3. Donate Financially: Make a monetary contribution to support our endeavors.

All messages and sponsorships will receive prominent recognition in our show programs.

Your support for Trinity Theater Company contributes to the flourishing of the performing arts, and we eagerly anticipate fostering relationships with you and our community as we continue to grow.

For inquiries or to explore additional ways to support Trinity Theater Company, please contact our Theater Director, John Tarr, at

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your generous backing of the Trinity Theater Company!

For detailed information on sponsorship options, please refer to the sections below.

Playbill Sponsorships

In-Kind Sponsorship Donations:
If you are interested in donating goods or services we’d be happy to accept them. Please contact our director, John Tarr at