Stronger Families


Centered on Jesus – Enriching our School – Expanding His Mission


Trinity’s Stronger Families works to support each home with a Biblical foundation centered on the love of Jesus and the love of family by teaching our parents and children Christian values for a life of service to one another, their community, and the world. We enrich our school by joining in the mission to open our doors to all of God’s children by partnering with staff to make Trinity’s educational experience the best possible. And we work to expand Trinity’s mission by creating disciples that make disciples to go out into the world with the purpose of furthering God’s Kingdom.


Need holiday gift cards? Interested in reducing your tuition? RaiseRight can help with that! Purchase gift cards for groceries, gas stations, home improvement, restaurants and everything in between while helping earn money for your child’s tuition or another family’s tuition at Trinity. Alternatively, you also provide support for the church. The savings add up quickly!

RaiseRight is a gift card program in which you purchase gift cards and a portion of your rebate goes towards tuition. Let me give you an example. If you purchase a $100 gift card that has a 9% rebate, you will receive a $100 gift card and then your rebate would be $9. Of the $9 rebate, $8.10 (90%) would go towards your tuition for the following year. The remaining $.90 (10%) of the rebate goes towards UPS shipping costs with the remainder going to church.

RaiseRight orders can be placed on-line (for physical gift cards, re-loadable gift cards, or eGift Cards). All orders should be submitted prior to the start of school on Monday and your physical gift card order will be available at the end of the week. If placing an order for a reloadable gift card or eGift card, these orders can be done at any time and do not have deadlines. A printed order form (found on Trinity’s website) can also be submitted prior to the start of school on Monday and these forms are also located outside the school office. Please note, not all brands are on the paper order form as there are hundreds of brands and denominations to choose from. The submission box is located outside the office. All orders need to be in by Monday at 7:50am.

Website and list of brands can be found at

Have questions or need our organization’s enrollment code? Contact Jen Traska at