In need of Prayer? Looking to get the word out about your ministry or event? Or just looking to stay connected to the Trinity Community?

Whether you need a prayer, a small update to some graphics or a full branding project with graphics, print materials, etc we’re here to come alongside you

in the mission of growing, serving and joining together.

Ready to submit your request?

If not, keep scrolling to find out more about how the request process works, or check out our media request worksheet under “Where do I start?”.


Great question! Gather as much information as you can about what you need communicated, and send it to us via a Support Request. Here are some examples of things that will be helpful for us to know:

  • date, time, & location

  • who you are trying to reach with this event or ministry

  • cost & if you need registration

  • info on what is provided, like food, childcare, etc.

  • any existing graphics or inspiration you have that will help us see what you’re going for

You can also use this handy Media Request Worksheet to help you collect the info you’ll need before you submit your request. (The worksheet doesn’t replace the normal request process, it’s just for you to use as you’re gathering info).

To keep a consistent look, anything that is used in gatherings, posted in the building, or used on our main social media pages needs to be either created or approved by the communications department. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, or need some resources to get you started.

Events (including this form) must be submitted at least thirty (30) days, but preferably six (6) weeks, prior to the event.[This allows adequate time for the Infrastructure Team to prepare and the Creative Director to assist with graphics and media and for advertising to take place. Please keep this in mind if you are requiring registration/rsvp/printed graphics and plan accordingly.]

Note: The length/duration for communicating events and information is typically two to three weeks before the event. Projects submitted later may be subject to lessened creativity, proofreading edits and/or certain assets/inclusions.

Email for updates on media and graphics and reservations/registrations.

Email for updates on event support (set-up, take-down, etc).

Almost definitely, yes. Starting every project with a media request helps keep the process consistent and ensures we get all the info we need. If you have questions about a particular need or request you’re not sure about, please reach out to Catrina and she’ll help you get started.

The purpose of our Ministry Support Plan is to standardize the marketing of events at Trinity. This strategy sets the expectations and timelines of what the Creative & Infrastructure Teams can provide ministries at Trinity.