Formed in 1965, the Trinity Freistadt Historical Society exists to…

“To glorify and give thanks to God, and to share the knowledge of what HE has done for us!”

The Trinity Historical Society operates and maintains historical portions of the Trinity Freistadt grounds. Putting on events each year, the Historical Society hosts reenactments, demonstrations, picnics, and concerts.

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The Pomeranian Immigration to Freistadt

This Pomeranian emigration story has been divided into five parts:

Part I: Why did They Leave?  Prussia from 1817 – 1835

Part II:  The Old Lutherans’ attempts to leave Prussia

Part III: The Ocean Journey

Part IV: The Rest of the Trip: The Erie Canal & Great Lakes

Part V: The Settlement

Publications for Sale

If you are interested in purchasing these items, please send a check to: Trinity Freistadt Historical Society, 10729 W. Freistadt Rd. Mequon, WI 53097.

Include the name of the book you would like mailed to you.

Frenz, Alice, LeRoy Boehlke, and Don Silldorff. Freistadt and the Lutheran Immigration. Mequon, Wis: The Society, Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church of Freistadt, 1989.

Includes a brief history of the Old Lutherans, a name index to more than 600 family names of Pomeranian emigrants who settled in Freistadt, Wis., some family letters, and information about Heinrich von Rohr. 142 pages, maps and photos

$10.00 + $5.00 shipping

Iwan, Wilhelm. English Translation of Die Altlutherische Auswanderung Um Die Mitte Des 19. Jahrhunderts: “Old Lutheran” Emigration of the Mid-19th Century from Eastern Germany (Mainly Pomerania and Lower Silesia) to Australia, Canada and the United States. Mequon, Wis.: Freistadt Historical Society, 2003.

This three-volume set describes the emigration from Pomerania and Prussia to America from 1838 to 1864. (566 p.), maps, plans. Please note: If you are only interested in Volume III, the name list, please purchase the next item below.

$60.00 + $8.00 shipping

Iwan, W. English Translation of William Iwan’s Name List, Chapter XX: Old Lutheran Emigration of the Mid-19th Century : Volume III. Mequon, WI: Freistadt Historical Society, Trinity Lutheran Church of Freistadt, 2002.

Includes over 1000 names of Prussian people and places, including Pomeranians, who emigrated starting in 1838. From Iwan’s Old Lutheran Emigration, Chapter XX. 91 pages. Please note that this is Volume III of the item above.

$20.00 + $5.00 shipping

Boehlke, LeRoy. The Hidden Historical Treasures of Trinity Freistadt Lutheran Church. Mequon, WI: Trinity Freistadt Historical Society, 2013.

A compilation of newsletters written between 1969-2013. Includes reasons the early settlers came to America, Fourth of July picnic, reminiscences from older members, notes from early pastors, history of Freistadt area and growth of historical site.
303 pages + index.

$20.00 + $6.00 shipping

Krause, Rev. L.F.E.. The Chronicle of Rev. L.F.E. Krause. Mequon, WI: Freistadt Historical Society, Trinity Lutheran Church of Freistadt. Translated and Edited by Roy Suelflow in 1945, published @ 1970.

Trinity Freistadt’s Rev. Krause was the first Lutheran pastor to work in Wisconsin. This chronicle details church life from 1841-1848. Describes the weather, church life and holidays, the building of the second church and more.
50 pages.

$5.00 + $1.00 shipping

Suelfow, Roy A. and August R. Suelflow, The History of Trinity Lutheran Congregation, 1839 – 1954. Mequon, WI: Trinity of Freistadt Historical Committee, 1954.

Includes summaries of church life during tenures of pastors during this period, including their photos; history of school and early teachers; organizations and sons and daughters of congregation in 1954; more photos and map of Freistadt. 40 pages.

$5.00 + $1.00 shipping

Boehlke, LeRoy, By the Grace of God: The History of Trinity Lutheran Congregation, Volume II. Mequon, WI: Trinity of Freistadt Historical Committee, 1964.

From the introduction: “In this volume we are presenting the story of the people who made up the early congregation, where they came from, why they came, and how they worked and lived.” Includes short history of the emigration, essays on farm life, weddings, funerals, early businesses, recreation, food and clothing.

$5.00 + $1.00 shipping

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