As we witness the rapid decline of culture, values, and excellence in education, Trinity Lutheran School is elevating a Gospel-first approach in our community. Trinity is committed to excellence, providing families with hope through an unwavering hold on traditional, Biblical values. We are shaping students (and their families) to meet the challenges of an ever-changing world; and we will never stray from our commitment to our faith, our values, and our families. 

Our Campaign

Trinity → FORWARD, the capital campaign for Trinity Lutheran School is all about serving our community – our families and our children – in the name of Jesus, building on over 180 years of history. In just three years, Trinity has become a leader in Christian education with a relentless pursuit of excellence, and an unwavering dedication to our core values, first and foremost of which is Christ-Centered.

Spaces To Grow With Our Greater-Milwaukee Community

Parents are seeking Trinity at an unprecedented rate. In the 2021-2022 school year, Trinity’s student body was composed of students from 33 different zip codes across south-eastern Wisconsin. We believe this is due in large part to Trinity’s values and beliefs; they have not changed in 180 years and will not change for the next 180. Through careful examination of our current campus footprint and our enrollment trajectory, the path forward is clear: Trinity needs to provide more spaces for our children, our families, and our employees.

Our campus has stood here since 1839; the time has come to expand our footprint, grow the kingdom, and set the stage for the next 180 years of our history. If we don’t act now, our school will be completely out of room.

Since 1839, Trinity has stood for freedom, independence, and most importantly, the Gospel of Jesus. Seeking a place to practice their religion freely, our German ancestors founded Trinity Freistadt (“free-city”). We stand together ready to be that free city once again, and our community is all in; the time to act is now. You can help move Christian education forward. Together, you can commit to standing firm in the Gospel-centered values shared by countless families across our area and move our community forward. Together, we can live out our church’s founding motto from 1839, “Built On The Rock,” as we stand together moving

Trinity → FORWARD.

Next, we had a vision to strategically fill our classrooms with students of all backgrounds and abilities. After all, a strong, Christian education is for all of God’s children! In the early spring of 2018, funds were secured to reach our community and grow our brand. Our staff and community bought into a vision of the future that saw a growing school in a growing community. Finally, we invested in our staff with professional development, bold hiring, and strategic movements that shifted the focus into the most student-centric approach possible.

Three academic years later, Trinity has grown 120%, bursting at the seams and using every square inch of our campus to welcome students into classrooms. By 2020, Trinity was already recognized by the Ozaukee News-Graphic as one of the fastest-growing schools in the area. Later that year, Trinity was awarded the Vanguard Award and Principal Leadership Award for their work in the community. Today, school leadership is presenting at conferences around the state and country, sharing our story. Yet, of all our data, our most important feature is that every Friday, our student body gathers for closing assembly, recognizing one another for living out core values, celebrating our accomplishments, and declaring with one voice their identity, “I am a child of God, loved and saved by Jesus


as of 5/30/23  
Total Donations Received $1,877,747.20
Balance in the Bank $1,214,685.22*
Draws from the Bank (Design/Pre-Engineering Expenses) $ $425,506.38

Net Balance of Capital Campaign

*Balance includes dividends & earnings on deposits

Gifts Received Record (since 5/23/23) $3,627.25 (20 Gifts)
Amount needed to hit cash target of $1.75 million $297,759.18
Pledged to Date $3,074,575.00


Recent updates on the campus framework and its development.

  • From the Principal’s Desk, July 19, 2022 (constant contact email to school families)
    • Site surveyors were on campus this week, one of the first pre-construction items to be checked off our list as we prepare to build.
    • Leaders from Trinity met with the City of Mequon to present initial plans and begin discussions about the upcoming build.
  • BLL voted to add four members to the ExCC team and approved the subcommittee structure/roles, June 14, 2022
  • Congregation Input Survey open for 10 days, June 6, 2022 (Google Form)
  • Faculty & Staff Expansion Listening/Feedback Session with ExCC, June 2, 2022 (in-person meeting, all faculty and staff invited)

The following were presented at the Informational Meeting on 4/3/22

  • Groth completes initial conceptual framework and artwork for campus expansion. Bids are requested from Moore, Seltzer-Ornst, and Catalyst for initial pricing.

Connect with Us

For inquiries about the campus expansion, please email the committee at