Daniel Reh’s Story & Ministry

We call it a ripple effect.  A single event leads to another, to another, to another, like ripples on a pond.

We are in the middle of a ripple effect that began with the death and resurrection of Jesus, and that will continue until the day when people from every nation will be gathered before the throne of Christ.

In the last decade, Trinity has quietly been part of one of the great ministry stories in the LC-MS.  In 2009, one family of refugees from the war-torn country of Myanmar resettled in Milwaukee.  This was the first family from the Karenni ethnic group to make their home in our city, but they were soon joined by hundreds of others.  Daniel Reh, called Su Reh when he arrived with his family, was among them.

In addition to physical and social needs, many of these people had a spiritual hunger.  Members of our congregation responded.  Church services, Bible studies, Sunday School, English and citizenship lessons were all offered and well attended.  Daniel came to faith in Jesus through those Sunday afternoons at Lutheran Chapel of the Cross.  The ripple effect was in progress.

Baptisms. Confirmations. New citizens. Graduations. Jobs. Homeownership. There was much room for celebration. But the language barrier was always difficult, and the Karenni congregation began to experience challenges for which the English-speaking pastors were ill-equipped to respond.  Daniel saw that need and felt the call to help minister to his people.  The ripple effect continued.

Daniel began preparing for pastoral ministry at Concordia and will complete his seminary studies in the spring of 2022.  He will then return to Trinity for his vicarage and then his call into pastoral ministry.  Through his ministry, the ripple effect will continue for generations as the Word of God is preached in the Karenni language.

You can be a part of this ripple effect!  We are raising $260,000, which will provide for the first three years of Daniel’s ministry.  And, there is good news!  Trinity’s endowment will match $2 for every $1 given before December 31st. Your gift will have a triple impact as we work together to bring the Gospel to the Karenni people.

Thank you for supporting the growth of God’s kingdom through your prayers and support!